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Does Spanxs Really Give You a Slimmer Body?Within the last five years, the name Spanxs has become inextricably linked with slimming undergarments. Celebrities, such as Rachel Ray and Oprah, have proclaimed these body shapers to be the latest wardrobe staple. However, many consumers are unaware of the effectiveness of this garment. The primary aim of Spanx is to create a trimmer silhouette for a woman’s figure and to allow the woman to avoid unsightly panty lines underneath form fitting garments. Numerous customers have enjoyed using this product, especially after the recent birth of children, stating that it allows them to look and feel their best. There are several styles that a woman can choose from to purchase. Spanx can be purchased in either a high waisted or low waisted style. A common customer complaint, concerning the low waisted Spanx, is that it creates an unsightly, upward bulge in a lady’s physique. The high waisted garment ends slightly above the knee. Several customers have noted that the knee must be rolled upwards before it can be worn with shorter dresses and skirts.It is important for a woman to ensure that her garment fits her properly. Ideally, she should obtain her hip, thigh, and waistline measurements to compare with the Spanx’s sizing chart before purchasing this body shapewear. In particular, women have enjoyed the fact that Spanx do not pinch or dig into one’s skin. The majority of customer reviews concerning this body shapewear garment were overwhelmingly positive. Most women believe the garment suitably achieves its aims. The before and after posters that consumers have posted of themselves are duly impressive. However, there were some minor complaints about the waistband of Spanx. Those who had “stomach rolls” or bulges stated the waistband of the body shapewear tended to roll down over their bulges, without delivering the promised stomach control. In addition to Spanx tights, the manufacturer also offers a selection of bras for purchase. The most recent body shapewear offering by this company is named the Spanx Brallelujah. It is a combination of a brassiere and a T shirt. The majority of consumers were unimpressed with the selection of Spanx that are available in department stores. However, there is a wide selection of online retailers who have a wider variety of merchandise.The primary complaint against Spanx is the price that one must pay for this body shapewear. A typical Spanx garment will cost an individual approximately $60.00. However, ardent fans of Spanx defend the high price tag by stating that the pros outweigh the cons. Most women enjoy wearing their Spanx garments with form fitting dresses and skirts during the summer time. The garment is constructed of a breathable material that allows an individual to remain cool in the sweltering heat of summer. In the cooler winter months, the garment also contributes to keeping an individual’s body warm. Furthermore, this body shapewear allows an individual to maintain a sleek physique underneath the bulkier fashions of the winter months. This modern alternative to the traditional “granny” girdles of the past is apparently here to stay.

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For years the meaning of this parable escaped me and yet now I know what it means. In this teaching we look at the Old and the New Covenant.Jesus said in Matthew 9:16:”No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse.”Okay, now Jesus said this parable in context. The context of what he said in this parable is related to what was happening just before this parable. So we’ll read that.”Then the disciples of John came to Him, saying, “Why do we and the Pharisees fast often, but Your disciples do not fast?” And Jesus said to them, “Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast.”The disciples of John and the Pharisees operated their lives based on what was taught and what was given in the Old Testament law. The Pharisees and the scribes had a list of things that a person had to do with their life. Part of it was the law, but part of it was their interpretations of the law and rules and regulations that you needed to put in place in order to obey the law. Part of that law, part of their traditions, was one day a week, or one or two days a week, or quite often, they used to fast.They used to go without food, in some sort of spiritual honor, an act of worship to God. But a lot of the Pharisees, a lot of the people doing that, it had become a tradition to them. It didn’t have its sustenance. It didn’t have its life. It wasn’t rooted in the fact that they glorified God anymore. It was rooted in themselves thinking that they were important.They thought that what they did, having a day without food, was something to be honored by other men, something to be respected by other men. This was true. The Pharisees were fasting out of wrong motives. They were fasting out of a sense of trying to feel important, trying to feel worthy and religious and better than other people. This was illustrated when Jesus said to the Pharisees or to the people, “When you fast, make sure you wash your face, and put oil in your face and look nice and fresh and in a good state of mind and in a good state physically. Don’t go around, moping around, looking tired and with an unwashed face and not looking vibrant as you would with nice cream on your face or oil on your face shining as you would. Make sure that people, who are going about their daily business, don’t look at you and say, “Oh, he must be fasting because he looks so worn out. He looks so torn and broken. He seems to be suffering so much.” Jesus said, “If you fast, it’s a private thing between you and God. So therefore make sure that you dress appropriately and you make your face up and you make yourself look fresh so that no one, besides God the Father, knows that you’re fasting.”So there was a tradition in the fast. John’s disciples used to fast with John, even though they were with one of the greatest saints in the Old Testament. Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest of all the saints that had come before him. Even though they were the disciples of John, John was still practicing the law and saw good things in fasting. So Jesus answered them that way. He said that he was the bridegroom, which I’m sure most people didn’t understand that Jesus was going to marry the whole world. I’m sure they didn’t understand. And if they did understand, I don’t know how they could’ve understood. But then he said, when he is taken away, when he goes, then the people will return to fasting. So Jesus isn’t saying that fasting will pass away. But he is alluding to fasting will be done in a different way, with a different attitude.So that’s what leads us on to what he says here about the cloth. “No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse.”First of all, if we look at this parable, we’ve got to see that there’s a tear on the old garment. The garment is called ‘old’ it’s not called ‘a garment’. Now, these are clues. Jesus leaves clues in things. First of all, the old garment represents the Old Testament law, the old law, the Old Testament, the old covenant, the agreement that God had with his people of the things that He would do and the things that they would do and the agreement that they had before Jesus Christ came to earth, preached the gospel and died on the cross. When Jesus had died on the cross and had been resurrected into a new life in heaven then the New Testament covenant took place, the Covenant of Grace took place. And the world changed. The apostle Paul wrote about these changes.The old garment seems to have a tear in it. In other words, normal people don’t go around with dresses or garments or clothes with big gaping holes in them. I know that it’s a trendy thing to wear jeans with holes in them. That’s a fashion statement these days. But normal people don’t wear a dress or a garment with a hole in it. This is a representation in Jesus’ parable here of what the old law was. The old law, the rules were perfect. It’s just that no one can live up to the rules. No one can fully obey the Ten Commandments and other commandments in the Old Testament law. It’s impossible to fulfill the law. And every time you break one of the conditions of the law, in the book of James, it says that you break all of the commandments of the law.Going around in life trying to fulfill the law of God, with the law of God on your mind all the time, will tear you to pieces. It will make you a broken person. You’ll live with guilt and condemnation and shame all the days of your life. You’ll go from happy to sad, happy to sad, and it all will depend on every time you do something wrong.The whole world suffers and groans with the effects that sin has on people. And we’re not to blame for our sin. Our sin came from Adam. The first sin ever done in the world was done by Adam, the Scripture said. And that sin disease, passed on through genetics, passed on through the genes of your parents to you. The sin of Adam passes on through every generation as a disease. And this disease, the effects of this disease is borne out in earthquakes, in diseases, in famines, and sicknesses, and calamities, and bad behaviors, and the people starving in the world. All the suffering of the world comes from the fact that Adam sinned.Now, God didn’t want it to be that way all the time. So he brought his Son. His Son died on the cross for all of my sins. All of the sins I’ve ever done, Jesus died for. And He just didn’t die so that I would become a Christian and be told that I’m forgiven for all the sins I’ve done up until that point. Jesus died so that I know for certain that all my sins that I’ve ever done had been forgiven. The sins I did yesterday. The sins I did the day before. All of the sins including even the sins that I’m going to do tomorrow. The times I’m going to fall short next week. All of them have been forgiven and forgotten by God already.Now that’s a hard concept to believe. But the average Christian, the average church, teaches that a person has all their sins forgiven at salvation. They’ve got to do good works and keep themselves holy in order to be forgiven from that time on. And that’s a lie. Jesus says if you’re going to get the New Covenant, if you’re going to get a patch, if you’re going to put a piece of new material, an unshrunk cloth, the New Covenant, if you’re going to get the New Covenant and try and mix it with the old covenant, it will make the tear worse.What is he saying there? He’s saying this is a practical application for you. He’s saying if you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you, you’ve got to also come under the teaching of Andrew Wommack on this subject and understand that you’re forgiven today. You’re forgiven for every sin. You’re sins have been forgotten. You’re loved. And you’ve got to understand the righteousness of Christ in God. And that God sees you as holy. When you understand that God sees you as holy, you’ve got to stop trying to obey the law and live up to a set of rules like going to church each week, like tithing, like reading your Bible, like praying.Jesus doesn’t want you coming to him praying because there’s a sense of religion in you that you have to pray to be holy. Jesus doesn’t want you reading your Bible because you’ve got to read your bible because the pastor says to. Jesus doesn’t want you reading your Bible so that you might feel more holy. If you try and mix the New Covenant grace with the Old Covenant law, you’d get a worse tear in your life. If you’re trying to be a Christian and still trying to obey Jesus in everything you do and you have a mindset of the law, you’ll have this big burden of shame on yourself and guilt on yourself and you’ll be walking around thinking that you’ll never measure up. That God doesn’t love you; that you’re not worthy to go to heaven.Why do I say this? It’s because I felt this. I’ve felt this. Why am I saying all of this? Because I want you to be set free. I want you to understand that you cannot live with a set of rules, religious rules, in your Christian life. When you open your Bible, it’s because you want to meet with God for no other reason. God doesn’t want you opening your Bible for no other reason. He’d prefer that you don’t read your Bible for a year than be opening up your Bible with some sense of religion that you’ve got to do it to be a good Christian. God would prefer that you don’t go to church for a year than to go to church because you feel pressured into going to church and that would make you a good Christian. He doesn’t want you practicing a set of rules and following a set of rules.I’m not saying here that Jesus wants you to disobey the law and disobey the rules of God. I’m saying here, though, if you live in freedom and liberty, if you live with the understanding that you’re forgiven, and your righteous and you’re already holy, if you understand that there’s nothing you need to do to be accepted, that God loves you fully for who you are, if you understand that you’re forgiven and righteous and God sees you as holy and beautiful right now right in the midst of your sin, if you understand these things, you’ll do things because you love God and for no other reason. You’ll do things to draw closer to God and for no other reason. But if you try and mix a set of rules with the New Covenant gospel of grace, you’re going to end up with a big tear in your life. And that is what this parable means. I commend you to check out the teachings of Andrew Wommack. Whose website is listed at the back of this book. He has absolutely revolutionized my life.

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It used to be that we were carefree when lying around on the beach under a scorching hot sun. That’s because we didn’t understand the dangers. We are now more aware what dangers are presented by too much exposure to the sun. Everything from minor irritation to more serious problems such as blistering and in some cases even skin cancer. The good news is though that because we are more educated regarding the dangers of sun exposure there are more things available to help us combat the effects. At the end of the day, sunburn is to be avoided and should never be allowed to occur with children. A lot of people make the incorrect assumption that a t-shirt will protect them or their children’s skin. This, in most cases, is simply not the case.Most clothing will act as a barrier of some from the sun but the problem lies in the area of UV, or ultra-violet radiation from the sun. A standard t-shirt will probably give you the equivalent sun protection factor of somewhere between 7 and 15. This is much reduced if the t-shirt gets wet. This is way below the recommended minimum protection you need.The sun is at its strongest usually between 10am and 4pm. During these hours the best thing to do is carefully limit your exposure.So what should you look for from a Beach Garment with regard to protection from the sun? There are a number of things you should look for to get the most protection from your clothing.Fabric CompositionYou need to know what the garment is made from and look up what natural sun protection factor it will offer you. Different fabrics will give you different results.WeaveA dense weave will give you more protection from the sun than a loose weave. So if you can find yourself a garment made from a fabric which has a high sun protection factor and is also woven densely then you are off to a good start. For example, a normal cotton t-shirt will give you less protection from the sun than one made from lycra.TensionYou need to get the fit right. In the above paragraph I mentioned that lycra is better than cotton for protecting you from the sun, but you can undermine this advantage if you wear a lycra garment that is stretched too tightly.MoistureThis is important to be aware of because the chances are that if you are using garments to help protect you from the sun while on holiday, at some point they are likely to get wet. It is therefore important to understand that fabrics lose some of their sun protection ability when they get wet, depending on the fabric. The difference between fabric types is huge. For example a simple cotton t-shirt will absorb a lot of water and so its ability to fend off the effects of the sun are massively reduced. However, a sun garment made from nylon/elastane will not absorb water at all so its protection value is not diminished.DesignThis one is fairly straight forward. The more skin coverage the garment affords you, the more protected you are. Its as simple as that.ColourSome dyes may absorb UV radiation more than others but the fibre and weave discussed above is much more important.ConditionYou may want to wear your trusty old t-shirt on the beach but you need to take into account that the more threadbare and worn out it is, the higher the chance that its sun protection capabilities have been reduced.There are some things you can look out for now on garments that claim to have an ability to protect you from the sun. In Australia, New Zealand and the United States a UPF rating is used. This rating is used to describe how effective a garment is at blocking harmful UV radiation. The rating is expressed as a number, so, for example, a garment that has a UPF rating of 50 will allow through 1/50th of the UV radiation it received, or expressed another way, it will block 49/50ths. That works out to 98% effectiveness.The other rating you will come across is SPF. This is the rating applied to sunscreens etc to give you an idea of how effective they are. Quite simply it is the difference in time needed to turn treated skin red in the sun when compared to untreated skin. So, a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 allows someone using that product to stay out in the sun up to 15 times longer than they would be able to if they used nothing at all. Consequently, if you take ten minutes under the sun to start turning red, then you could stay out at the same time of day for about 150 minutes.Although SPF is normally associated with lotions and creams etc, and SPF factor can also be applied to clothing made of different fabrics. To give you an idea, typically, nylon stockings have a sun protection factor of about 2. Hats in general have an SPF of somewhere between 3 and 6. Lightweight Summer clothing will be somewhere around 6. Specifically designed sun protection clothing can give you an SPF equivalent of up to 30.So, it’s quite clear that if protection from the sun is important to you, and it should be, then a combination of high SPF sun screens and specifically designed sun protective clothing will give you the best possible protection, aside from staying indoors that is.