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Does Spanxs Really Give You a Slimmer Body?Within the last five years, the name Spanxs has become inextricably linked with slimming undergarments. Celebrities, such as Rachel Ray and Oprah, have proclaimed these body shapers to be the latest wardrobe staple. However, many consumers are unaware of the effectiveness of this garment. The primary aim of Spanx is to create a trimmer silhouette for a woman’s figure and to allow the woman to avoid unsightly panty lines underneath form fitting garments. Numerous customers have enjoyed using this product, especially after the recent birth of children, stating that it allows them to look and feel their best. There are several styles that a woman can choose from to purchase. Spanx can be purchased in either a high waisted or low waisted style. A common customer complaint, concerning the low waisted Spanx, is that it creates an unsightly, upward bulge in a lady’s physique. The high waisted garment ends slightly above the knee. Several customers have noted that the knee must be rolled upwards before it can be worn with shorter dresses and skirts.It is important for a woman to ensure that her garment fits her properly. Ideally, she should obtain her hip, thigh, and waistline measurements to compare with the Spanx’s sizing chart before purchasing this body shapewear. In particular, women have enjoyed the fact that Spanx do not pinch or dig into one’s skin. The majority of customer reviews concerning this body shapewear garment were overwhelmingly positive. Most women believe the garment suitably achieves its aims. The before and after posters that consumers have posted of themselves are duly impressive. However, there were some minor complaints about the waistband of Spanx. Those who had “stomach rolls” or bulges stated the waistband of the body shapewear tended to roll down over their bulges, without delivering the promised stomach control. In addition to Spanx tights, the manufacturer also offers a selection of bras for purchase. The most recent body shapewear offering by this company is named the Spanx Brallelujah. It is a combination of a brassiere and a T shirt. The majority of consumers were unimpressed with the selection of Spanx that are available in department stores. However, there is a wide selection of online retailers who have a wider variety of merchandise.The primary complaint against Spanx is the price that one must pay for this body shapewear. A typical Spanx garment will cost an individual approximately $60.00. However, ardent fans of Spanx defend the high price tag by stating that the pros outweigh the cons. Most women enjoy wearing their Spanx garments with form fitting dresses and skirts during the summer time. The garment is constructed of a breathable material that allows an individual to remain cool in the sweltering heat of summer. In the cooler winter months, the garment also contributes to keeping an individual’s body warm. Furthermore, this body shapewear allows an individual to maintain a sleek physique underneath the bulkier fashions of the winter months. This modern alternative to the traditional “granny” girdles of the past is apparently here to stay.