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Promotional clothing delivers tangible long term results & a good return on investment but what are Tagless T-Shirts and what are their benefits.As the name implies, Tagless garments encompass those that either have no manufacturers neck label, or have one that can be easily removed, usually by tearing along a perforated line. The garment only carries size information (a small woven label or transfer print in the back of the neck) and a care label (usually on the inner side seam).The benefits of not having a manufacturers neck label are:1) An improved appearance over labelled garments: Tagless Promotional Tees concentrate attention on the external brand, as there is no conflict with internal labelling.2) Increased wearer comfort: Unfortunately, many promotional T-Shirts still use cheap printed neck labels that can feel rough on the skin and there’s nothing more annoying than a label that scratches on the back of the neck.3) Increased promotional exposure: Following on from point two above, it’s obvious that a garment that’s more comfortable to wear will be worn more often, so again there are benefits to not having a neck label.4) An improvement in perceived quality: Providing a suitable weight of fabric is selected, a Tagless T-Shirt can actually suggest that the recipient is receiving a higher quality garment than the normal run-of-the-mill promotional Tee and there can be fewer pre-conceived ideas about the value of the garment in relation to other known brands.Brand Support Merchandise: Promotional giftwear is one thing but the same range of benefits are available to those who choose to use tagless garments in their range of brand support clothing.Sometimes there is not the budget to manufacture large volumes of bespoke T-Shirts, yet a tagless tee can give the appearance that the garment has been manufactured bespoke.Tear Down the Dotted Line: As mentioned earlier, label-free garments fall into two sorts, those that do not have a neck label in the first place and those where the label can be easily removed.It has to be said that in relation to wearer comfort, the ‘no-label’ option is best, because sometimes the tear-out labels still leave a small tag protruding from the collar seam, which can still irritate.Choices, Choices: There is now a growing range of Tagless T-Shirts to choose from, including traditional crew-neck, v-neck, short sleeve and long sleeve styles in various weights of Cotton (typically 155 to 190gsm).There are even Tagless Running/Cycling tops in moisture wicking Polyester (typically 140gsm) that are ideal for use by sports brands or for sports related promotions and as technical fabrics have achieved a wider appeal the price of these garments has now come down dramatically.Conclusion: So there you have it, Tagless T-Shirts and other label-free garments offer a range of benefits and are now easy to source.Choose wisely and discuss your requirements with your supplier, who should be able to advise on stock availability and suggest suitable garments for your promotion.Copyright Mark J Davis – First Impressions (Europe) Ltd 2010